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Multi-activity Tour in Rokua Geopark area, Northern Ostrobothnia

Our specialized 1 – 4 persons tour leads you from Oulu – the capital of Northern Finland –  to Kajaani, by bicycle, by kayak and in Rokua Geopark area, by trekking. We will overnight in different kinds of accommodation like hotel, log house, cabin and even in a tent. Crossing the sea of Kainuu, Lake Oulujärvi, is the most demanding part of the trip.  
We will pass by different landscapes, original Finnish culture scenes, old villages and several historical monuments as well as many ancient attractions too. The road we are following for the most part is the The Tar Road. This road is one of the Finnish tourist routes, from the year 1887 when the English upper classes were looking for new tourism and fishing destinations from Scandinavia. 
The fourth largest lake of Finland, Lake Oulujärvi also features the largest stretches of open water among all Finnish lakes. Stretches are called Ärjänselkä and Niskanselkä. The tar route leads us from the center of modern life to the most beautiful landscapes and the marks of the ice age.

Facts of the trip:

  • Place: Northern Finland, starting from Muhos (35km east from Oulu), ends in Kajaani
  • Availability: 15.-20.7.2013, 
  • Duration: 6 days, approximately cycling 85km, hiking 15km, paddling 50km
  • Number of participants: 1 - 4 persons
  • Price: 1385 € / person
  • Full board
  • Price includes: Transport from Oulu Airport to starting point, transport to Kajaani Airport, guidance, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), accommodation from the 1st day, light insurance (We require participants to have their own insurance for paddling and other outdoor activities), sauna/shower/swim.
  • Equipment included in the price: Bike, bike bags, bike helmet, bike anorak, bike/kayaking gloves, rucksack, dry bags, kayak/twin kayak, wetsuit, booties, tent, sleeping bag, mummy bag, mattress.   Participants have their own underwear, T - shirts etc. according to the weather. We sell also high quality clothing if needed. Please ask the whole list of equipment for the tour!
  • Payment: Cash, debit and credit cards, Visa.
  • Tour level: Intermediate. Previous cycling, paddling and trekking experience is required.
  • By additional cost: Snacks, hotel reservations, accommodation for the night before 1st day, etc.
  • Languages: finnish, english, swedish
  • Contact: info.hikesntrails(at)

1st day:
We pick you up from the Oulu airport or city center in the morning and take you to Muhos where we check out the equipment, have the maps, go through the plans, risks and safety instructions. We start the trip by cycling to Pyhäkoski powerplant to river Oulujoki from where we continue to Utajärvi. We´ll visit the Stonepark and drive to old farmhouse accommodation by the river Oulu. (lunch, dinner, appr. 35km / 5 hours.

2nd day
After breakfast we will continue our trip from Utajärvi to Rokua. At Rokua we will accommodate at the well-equipped log cabin. After a short time we`ll have a hiking tour in the heart of the Rokua Geopark area and national park. Outstanding views, unique nature and remarkable history after the last ice age. Great to have sauna, nice local meal at the hotel and a good sleep. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 32km / 4 hours, 15km trekking / 4 hours.)

It´s not sunshine all the time in Finland.. but still fun!

3rd day
In the morning we will continue from Rokua to Vaala across the white lichen covered road sides. Little villages, good roads and quiet nature around. We´ll visit the old Manor house and historic garden, Lamminahon talo by the river Oulu. After a presentation we continue our trip to village of Vaala and to Paddling Center by Lake Oulujärvi. Accommodation at the old log house where the old log floaters had their rest and food. Old, just renewed sauna on the beach, swimming in the lake and good meal at the local restaurant. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 28km / 6 hours)

4th day
Now starts the trips most demanding part, especially if the wind is rough. We´ll rehearse the safety instructions, check the paddling gear, pack the kayak/kayaks and start paddling on the fourth largest lake in Finland, Lake Oulujärvi. Your guide is telling about the history of big lake, tar rowers and pirates. Our paddling route goes behind the islands. After few hours paddling we`ll accommodate at sheltered island. We´ll set up our tents, have a nice meal, introduce us to the island and have a little snack from the nature with evening tea. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 20km paddling / 6 hours)

Camping in Oulujärvi during the trip
5th day
After nice night in tent we start up with having a campfire and cooking a nutritious breakfast with bacon and eggs real tasty coffee cooked by open fire. We can also have also juicy fruits and fresh self-picked berries just outside of our camp. Another paddling day continues on the shelter of the islands. After few hours paddling we`ll accommodate at sheltered island, set up our tents, have a nice meal, see the birds with binoculars, have some nice pictures and have a little snack with evening tea. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 20km paddling / 6 hours)

6th day
Last day starts after tasty breakfast and continues towards Kajaani city. After a couple of  hours paddling we`ll see the city and have a beautiful scenery with tens of nice villages and houses on the shore. In Kajaani there is a companion visiting us and he will take us to our base camp. We will take a hot bath in local hotel and have a good meal with a little chat about our adventure. Tour continues to the Kajaani airport or to the hotel room. Now it is time to say good bye and thank you! We´ll see hopefully next year in different part of the Tar road! Cheers mate! (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appr. 10km paddling / 4 hours)

Having a little swimming break

We reserve all the rights to change the order of the activities or the content of the program if necessary due to the weather or other conditions!

If you are interested in tour, please contact Hikes`n Trails by email: info.hikesntrails(at)

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