Thursday, May 3, 2012

About Hikes`n Trails

About Hikes`n Trails

I have heard that there are a plenty of nature loving people who live in big cities around the world, dreaming about a holiday in fresh, quiet nature where the watch is not needed, computers are off and no-one is calling your phone, if you decide so. I suppose I have been one of them also. But many years ago I have seen the light shining between the branches! So, enjoy the Finnish and Scandinavian nature with us and walk with the peace in you heart after your Hikes`n Trails!

Hikes`n Trails would like to take you to most beautiful landscapes, outstanding scenes and breathtaking views in Finland and Scandinavia. Our idea is to serve safe and adventurous tours in wilderness with the principles of sustainability, responsibility and good service. Our customers have an experience of trekking in nature, they recognize the unpredictability of the wilderness and know how to act during the ecological tour in unspoiled nature. Tours are always designed to be inspirational, fun and taste good with every senses! 

One of our special skills are cooking in nature during the trips. We would like to serve great tasting experiences with fresh and delicious ingredients from the nature. Finland is a great land to have pure wild berries, mushrooms, fish and many other great food straight from a nature to the customer. Just enjoy!

Our guides are well educated nature guides with long experiences of serving people, leading groups and individuals. All of the guides are professionals, have went through the most demanding nature tour safety educations and have completed all the Finnish Outdoor Organizations qualifications. With us you meet the nature safely eating good food and enjoying every second during the trip. We use only the best equipment in our trips. Clothing, outdoor gear like tents and sleeping bags and other stuff we use are made from best and durable materials. With our equipment you will have nice, safe and active experiences and after that sleep well and have a nice start to a new refreshing day! Welcome to Finland and Scandinavia!

Janne Autere, guide
Contact: info.hikesntrails(at)

Tmi Janne Autere/Hikes`n Trails is registered and all trips are insured with the Finnish Consumer Agency. The registration number: 1267/12/MjMv. You can check our registration over here: Register of package travel

Educated in:
Finnish Central Organization of Rescue services
Canadian Avalanche Association
Finnish Canoe Association
Outward Bound Finland

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