Wednesday, May 29, 2013

River kayaking in Lapland - River Kemi

Our local Outdoor Club Suomussalmen Samoojat arranges a paddling tour 8.-14.6.2013. I have tried to find out where are we actually going! Now I know that the paddling will be easy, quite long day trips without any bigger rapids. Although the River Kemi is the biggest river in Finland there is only few over rank 1 rapids. The main things are Lapland magnificent scenes, good friends and midnight sun!

We will start our kayak trip from Kemihaara which is the small village near the Russian border. That is also the starting point to Suomi Meloo - paddling event which happens to start at the same place and in the same time. So, the big amount of paddlers will be gathering to Kemihaara. It is very nice because I know that there will be many friends from different parts of Finland in Kemihaara!

The length of our trip is about 175 km and day trips will be between 20 to 40 kilometers. Stream will help us to keep good speed during the week. My kayak on this trip is Sea Bird Designs Expedition HV which have enough room to fit all the weeks equipment into the kayak. I will have tent, good sleeping bag and all food and gear which will be needed during the touring week in unpredictable weather conditions of Finnish Lapland.

The river was nice, people around made the tour fun and the time went by so fast!

Here are few shots from the tour:

Several paddles were starting from the same point at the same time. Kemihaara. 

There was also nice sauna by the river. 

First day was quite warm and shiny. 

Coffee tastes very good when it is cooked by the open fire. 

Reindeer skeleton. Poor animal was stuck from the horns to the tree. 

Boys were fishing during the trip. 

Lunch break somewhere near Savukoski village. 

Landing to Savukoski. 

Beautiful place on the Kivitunturi trails. 

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