Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paddling weekend in Hossa with local outdoors Club Suomussalmen Samoojat

Hossa, Suomussalmi, Eastern Finland

Hossa is one of Finland’s best canoeing destinations. There are suitable routes for both beginners and the more experienced, for trips from a couple of hours up to several days of canoeing. The lakes are narrow and are therefore perfect for canoeing. The rapids in the area are not very demanding. Depending on the water level, they range from a classification of I to II+. The most demanding rapids, the Lounatkoski Rapids along the Peranka Route, are not recommended for canoeing. During dry times it is best to have plastic canoes as they are less likely to be damaged by touching the bottom.
The canoeing routes pass through barren-looking pine heaths and eskers. The waters are clear and there are several maintained resting places along the routes. (Outdoors.fi)

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