Monday, January 22, 2018

Pena Husky's fifth birthday, on Altai Skis!

Today is the fifth birthday of Pena Husky, congratulations! Pena is my dog, working as an important guiding assistant on our trips in Wild Taiga. As a birthday present for Pena we went to Saukkovaara Hill to have a short day trip and to try interesting Altai Hok skis in deep snow in -20 degrees weather.

Altai Hok skis are invented by two Canadian guys. The skiing tradition of Altai Mountains is thousands of years old and inspiration for Altai Skis. Nils and Francois, owners of the company, wanted to combine the qualities of skis and snowshoes.

Skis are wide and short, sliding quite easily on powder snow. Skins are laminated to the bottom of the skis and they are slowing down the speed on the slope, so these skis fits perfectly to my idea of slow adventures! 

We had 145 cm Skis with Xtrace universal binding. Bindings are doing fine with normal hiking boots and enough ankle support. For longer and more demanding tours I recommend more robust bindings and skiing boots. 

It was a bit short time today for making longer trip with Altai skis but this was enough to be sure that these skis are perfect to day trips at the Finnish forest and hill areas on one meter snow. Altai Skis floats very well on powder snow. Speed is a bit higher when sliding with these skis compared to snowshoes. Interesting pair of wood for our purposes!

Northern Highlights. For all your senses.

I have heard that there are many people who live in cities around the world, dreaming about a holiday in fresh, quiet and peaceful nature. We serve Northern Highlights to all our guests and for all of their senses.

Several years ago, when I was a young student, I learned about learning, experiential learning. What I learned was that everyone needs own place and time, also on tour. We create a safe environment where everyone has the opportunity to experience their own adventure. You have enough time and space to feel yourself in nature...and learn from it.

Many groups and individual travelers have had a short but rich time of their lifes with us, all with different backgrounds and expectations. A small taste of unexpected, dramatic views and new environment creates a pleasant sense of excitement. That is our leading star and main idea in Hikes’n Trails’ services.

Positive experiences in Wild Nature, noticing your needs and taking care of your mental and physical health is our aim. Peace, amazing views, all the colors, light and darkness gives you new experiences in Northern countries. Giving an opportunity to see, feel and taste the nature gives us also the strength to continue the work we love, serving the guests.

Feeling of safety in wilderness, warm hospitality in accommodations, friendly services and local and delicious food experiences are important to all guests. Magnificent mountain views in Swedish Lapland, feeling small when observing wild brown bear on the Russian border or sense of beauty during a paddling trip in Finnish summer in a remote island where the flowers bloom.

White snow fields in Wild Taiga and seeing tracks of wolverine during the snowshoe trip in Eastern Finland are always a great experience. Fresh water from the pond and wild blueberries straight from the nature to the dinner table. The smell of a bog in early autumn. Northern Highlights are experiences for all your senses. Welcome to explore with Hikes’n Trails.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Arctic element. Oulujärvi - The Sea of Kainuu

From forest to the Sea of Kainuu! Guiding in forests of Kylmäluoma hiking area is over for a while and it is time to rest at home, by the big lake. Oulujärvi - Kainuun Meri is ice covered now and waiting to get more thickness. Soon is time to go skiing, snowshoeing and fatbiking on this arctic element. It is more than possible that we get unexpected colours above the ice, to the clear and endless looking sky in near future. Northern lights will be spectacular on these wide white snow fields. Lets hope that the nature is on our side and gives more this magical light, which we already saw in Kylmäluoma with our Dutch guests!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Guests in Hossa

A moment ago we went with our guests to Hossa to show what we have to offer in winter in northern Finland near the Russian border! Trips were organized by our marketing organisation Wild Taiga. We, me, Pena-husky and photographer Lassi Rautiainen had guests from different countries around the world, most of them from another side of the globe, from Australia! Travel bloggers and journalists, professionals from travel agencies got a nice mix of winter activities and experiences of snow!

Snowshoe trip on the lake - picture Lassi Rautiainen

Snowshoeing, visiting a reindeer farm, cross-country skiing experiences and food by the open fire are the traditional activities we often share with our guests. Upitrek is the biggest company in our area which organizes the winter activities in Hossa.

Pena pulls, and everybody are happy - pic. Lassi Rautiainen

Now we had some new adventures also to offer: snow biking with new fat bikes! Easy trip with four legged friend was a nice experience. On the tour we passed by an old water mill and frozen rapids.  

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin - photo Lassi Rautiainen

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin was suitable for us again. Everybody enjoyed a bit rugged but cosy accommodation far from the hotels and other cabins. Kitchen, toilets and sauna were restored since my last visit in cabin. 

One of the most enjoyable piece of furniture in Jatkonsalmi is a fireplace and a baking oven!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowshoe hiking trip to Hukantupa wilderness cabin

After a biiig breakfast we started our second days program, snowshoe hiking trip, to Kylmäluoma hiking area and more into the wilderness. Weather was ok, maybe -5, a bit cloudy but nice for a long day walking. I was supposed to make a lunch in half way to Hukantupa wilderness cabin. I picked some vegetables, rice, spices and nice thick salmon fillet with me to my rucksack and let it roll!

We started and had a few info and hydrating pauses during the trip to lunch place. Few wild animal prints were seen on the pristine snow cover and near the Kolkkojärvi wooden shelter we saw our first reindeer couple hiding behind the trees. I made lunch, salmon paella, and we continued after a meal to Hukantupa cabin. We heated up the original wood-heated sauna and were clean, refreshed and ready to our guests first christmas in Finland!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas in Kylmäluoma

We started with skiing in Kylmäluoma hiking center. There was just right amount of snow for few kilometres cross-country skiing trip arond the center. Everybody enjoyed and some of the group wanted to do the track again and again. Nice day with skis to get together and know each other!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There is always an adventure alternative...

I have heard that there is many nature loving people who live in the big cities around the world dreaming about a holiday in safe, fresh and quiet nature. Enjoy the Finnish and Scandinavian nature with us and explore with the peace in your heart.

Explore, enjoy your holiday or challenge your group with an adventure education course.

All my holidays could be turned into Adventure Education - courses and tailored for every group. Adventure programming could be recreational, educational, developmental or therapeutic for different purposes and groups.