Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowshoe hiking trip to Hukantupa wilderness cabin

After a biiig breakfast we started our second days program, snowshoe hiking trip, to Kylmäluoma hiking area and more into the wilderness. Weather was ok, maybe -5, a bit cloudy but nice for a long day walking. I was supposed to make a lunch in half way to Hukantupa wilderness cabin. I picked some vegetables, rice, spices and nice thick salmon fillet with me to my rucksack and let it roll!

We started and had a few info and hydrating pauses during the trip to lunch place. Few wild animal prints were seen on the pristine snow cover and near the Kolkkojärvi wooden shelter we saw our first reindeer couple hiding behind the trees. I made lunch, salmon paella, and we continued after a meal to Hukantupa cabin. We heated up the original wood-heated sauna and were clean, refreshed and ready to our guests first christmas in Finland!

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