Saturday, January 28, 2017

Guests in Hossa

A moment ago we went with our guests to Hossa to show what we have to offer in winter in northern Finland near the Russian border! Trips were organized by our marketing organisation Wild Taiga. We, me, Pena-husky and photographer Lassi Rautiainen had guests from different countries around the world, most of them from another side of the globe, from Australia! Travel bloggers and journalists, professionals from travel agencies got a nice mix of winter activities and experiences of snow!

Snowshoe trip on the lake - picture Lassi Rautiainen

Snowshoeing, visiting a reindeer farm, cross-country skiing experiences and food by the open fire are the traditional activities we often share with our guests. Upitrek is the biggest company in our area which organizes the winter activities in Hossa.

Pena pulls, and everybody are happy - pic. Lassi Rautiainen

Now we had some new adventures also to offer: snow biking with new fat bikes! Easy trip with four legged friend was a nice experience. On the tour we passed by an old water mill and frozen rapids.  

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin - photo Lassi Rautiainen

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin was suitable for us again. Everybody enjoyed a bit rugged but cosy accommodation far from the hotels and other cabins. Kitchen, toilets and sauna were restored since my last visit in cabin. 

One of the most enjoyable piece of furniture in Jatkonsalmi is a fireplace and a baking oven!

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