Saturday, April 19, 2014

Skiing trip with a dog in Swedish Lapland

The journey to north began and was going so well that the automatic speed control took a picture of happy tourists! As I remember, just in point of a taking the picture, road map was spread out almost the entire width of the windscreen in front of our noses! As I write this, I am still waiting for the Swedish government's contact about the matter. At The Arctic Circle, we stopped and took photos, went out with a dog and got to know the local Lappish tepee in the yard.

Soon we got to Gällivare, a small center village in Swedish Lapland. Our intention was to have a nice lunch before the bus trip, and at the same time relax a bit after a long drive. However, when we started to unload the stuff and gear from the car to rucksacks and attach the bags to sleds, time went by again so fast that we had time to just enjoy quickly a couple of burgers in the nearby Sibylla burger wall!

We loaded up sleds, backpacks, skis and poles on the bus and hopped aboard. I tried to provide the driver my Visa card for paying the transport but she refused kindly at this point. Ok, bus went perfectly to Ritsem direction to Western Lapland and the landscape began to look familiar to me with dramatic snowy peaks and large wilderness lakes. Pena - the dog was sitting nicely in the bench and looked at the mountainous scenery from the bus window.

After a couple of hours traveling we came to Kebnats bus stop. At this point, I started to dig the Visa card again payment on my mind. Mrs. Driver suddenly announced that she had left a payment terminal to the carage, so we could forget the transport fee this time. Well, that was fine to us and after a while we were on skis, goods packed and on the road to the lake shore and mountain station of Saltoluokta.

When we arrived to Saltoluokta we went to tell that we had arrived. At the same time we booked on a dinner that was ready in few minutes. We got a room and stayed comfortably on the old side of Mountain Station which the dogs were permitted to accommodate. After dinner, I began marketing the sauna experience to my Italian customer. It was surprisingly easy to get my customer to join me and quite soon we sat in the warm sauna and after that had a nice cool and refreshing shower. At the night there was a storm outside. Fortunately I had earplugs with me and could sleep quite well in the noisy hut. 

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