Thursday, April 3, 2014

Skiing tour with a dog in Swedish Lapland

Packing day was yet another surprise as always. Where is it ... should I take this and that, even if the packaging project has been the same for many times. Winter and Swedish Lapland ski tours tend to always be a little risky for the weather so the concentration of the packaging requires! Especially the food plan was interesting because this time we had also a customer with us. Also this time Pena – my Husky dog was about to come with us and join this skiing tour so I noticed a little bit requirement about the food also from him! In Lapland tour we always have to take in concern that there may be one or two days winter storm which have is needed to spend in a tent in freezing temperatures. This possible situation increases the number of goods on the sled. The main idea was, however, accommodation in the fell centers and well-equipped cabins, which are situated along the whole Kings Trail.

I had done few sledges earlier in the week for myself and for my client from Italy. He needed also a sled and was about to carry additionally a little rucksack with him. For this purpose, I had bought small sledges with metal skis under them and invented a nice pair of hauling shafts with harness.

Penas dishes was planned at least as much as my own and the customer dishes. I thought, after all, so that the main part of the dog's food is going to be high energy dry food, HauHau Champion Extra Energy. In addition, I took the Jahti Vahti meat mix and for the snacks HauHau Champion Training Bars. Dog's joints were lubricated during the last couple of weeks with Jahti Vahti omega oil. For the dogs good mood and health of a stomach there should have be also a Barf food, so we chose Mush Barf series of pig-sheep-chicken meat and full-fat frozen food. This long-legged puppy should carry a part of the snacks and drinks on his back all by himself! Pena is now one year and three months old friendly youngster.

I got the goods packed in Sunday evening we and started a car to Oulu where the customer would be picked up in the morning. We got to Oulu in snow storm and stayed with my parents. In the evening we got a message from a customer that he had already arrived to Oulu airport. It was nice to hear that the flight had gone well and after that information it was easy to relax and go to bed.

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