Monday, January 22, 2018

Northern Highlights. For all your senses.

I have heard that there are many people who live in cities around the world, dreaming about a holiday in fresh, quiet and peaceful nature. We serve Northern Highlights to all our guests and for all of their senses.

Several years ago, when I was a young student, I learned about learning, experiential learning. What I learned was that everyone needs own place and time, also on tour. We create a safe environment where everyone has the opportunity to experience their own adventure. You have enough time and space to feel yourself in nature...and learn from it.

Many groups and individual travelers have had a short but rich time of their lifes with us, all with different backgrounds and expectations. A small taste of unexpected, dramatic views and new environment creates a pleasant sense of excitement. That is our leading star and main idea in Hikes’n Trails’ services.

Positive experiences in Wild Nature, noticing your needs and taking care of your mental and physical health is our aim. Peace, amazing views, all the colors, light and darkness gives you new experiences in Northern countries. Giving an opportunity to see, feel and taste the nature gives us also the strength to continue the work we love, serving the guests.

Feeling of safety in wilderness, warm hospitality in accommodations, friendly services and local and delicious food experiences are important to all guests. Magnificent mountain views in Swedish Lapland, feeling small when observing wild brown bear on the Russian border or sense of beauty during a paddling trip in Finnish summer in a remote island where the flowers bloom.

White snow fields in Wild Taiga and seeing tracks of wolverine during the snowshoe trip in Eastern Finland are always a great experience. Fresh water from the pond and wild blueberries straight from the nature to the dinner table. The smell of a bog in early autumn. Northern Highlights are experiences for all your senses. Welcome to explore with Hikes’n Trails.

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