Saturday, November 5, 2016

An outdoor pant-test fat-biking trip with Husky-Pena

Nice day for a little fat bike trip with my husky-Pena. Sun is still here but only couple of hours in a day. So these are the last moments to enjoy the light. After month it will be kaamos, polar-night.
This time I wear first time my new Karrimor Phantom trousers. I bought them from UK web shop Sports Direct. Karrimor is quite old and traditional brand but in my opinion you can not buy them from Finland. But no worries, my order came quickly in three days from GB.

I need a good pair of hardwearing outdoor trousers here in Kainuu and Lapland. Today was good day for testing: a short one hour cycling trip to Lake Kianta in fresh ice-cold breeze from north-east, actually from Siberia.

I like the basic model of pants, loose fit is suitable for different winter-activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice-climbing, fat-biking and other outdoor fun. Cutting is perfect for my inuit-like body structure.

I wear suspenders which I bought from the local clothing store. It is more comfortable than a belt in my opinion.  I required rain-proof long zippers on the leg sides. Those helps wearing boots and undressing trousers. Another must have thing in my trousers is eVent-membrane. I have found it very safe and good shell in my outdoor clothes. Without well-functioning shell clothing you are in trouble in these arctic conditions. Some times it rains, next moment you get snow and another day is -20 degrees below zero with an ice cold wind.

These simple Karrimor Phantom shell trousers are perfect for me. I really look forward to have them on in action with my quests!

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