Monday, August 12, 2013

Tailored family outdoor holiday in Hossa, Part 1.

A half year ago I was contacted by a man from Israel. He wanted me to offer an active holiday in Finland for two families. In my opinion Hossa area, which was selected as a number one outdoor area in Finland in year 2011, was suitable for these two families. We had few convesations with email and skype and discussed about the details of the holiday. Everything went smoothly and customers accepted my offer, so I selected Hossa as an action place and started to plan the 5 days holiday which was suppose to be the highlight during their two weeks being in Finland!

I wanted to serve them a nice package of action, peace, quietness, Finnish culture and local adventures with good food and tastes of the wild nature. So the menu included tent nights, accommodation in local cabins, fishing, hiking, picking up berries and mushrooms, rock climbing, swimming after sauna, making food together by the open fire, paddling with canoes, visiting reindeer farm and as the crown of all experiences watching and photographing wild bears near the Russian border.

My customers came with their own cars from Southern Finland. Local reporter wanted to take some pictures and write a little column about my guests from far away so it took a little time posing in front of camera before we could leave Suomussalmi village and drive to north corner of the Suomussalmi muncipality. Before leaving we visited Suomussalmi tourist office, had a few maps and information about what we could expect in Hossa.

First stop was at the Silent people. Quite interesting little place which is one of the most well known tourist attractions by the road 5 from Suomussalmi to Kuusamo. Good coffee, soft drinks and traditional finnish pancakes made by the open fire!

After a short driving we arrived to Hossa and accommodated in Rajakartano, which is the old Border guardians house. Customers wanted to start fishing immediately so we took out the rods and started fishing, learned how to row the boat and paddle with canoes. Then we started to make dinner together. I had a salmon fillet with me so we made decision to smoke it by the open fire on the beach. That was quite an interesting way to make dinner and a new experience to my customers from Israel. After dinner it was time to warm up sauna and go to swim!

After sauna and swimming we said good night and silence landed to the old Border Guardians house... 

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