Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ilmari´s Row at Suomussalmi 28.6.- 30.6.2013

Hikes`n Trails is looking for members to join our church boat team to church boat tour and Ilmari´s Row - event in 28.6.- 30.6.2013 in Lake Kianta, Suomussalmi, Finland.

Ilmari´s Row is a rowing competition and also a fun way to spend a nice summer day in the middle of Finnish fresh nature. We are looking for a team with enough endurance to row about 2,5 hours with common stroke!

Ilmari´s Row is a memorial event for very famous Finnish culture person, poet and novelist Ilmari Kianto, who lived in Suomussalmi until his death in 1970. Ilmari Kianto spent his free time on the Lake Kianta, which became his name in the beginning of 1900`s.  Rowing boat is a traditional wooden Finnish church boat which has been an important vehicle to gather to church or other events in this country of thousands of lakes.

Facts of the event:
Place: Eastern Finland, Suomussalmi
Availability: 28.-30.6.2013 (rehearsal at 28.6., competition 29.6.)
Duration: 3 days (competition 29.6.), approximately rowing 70 km in three days
Number of participants: minimum  8 persons, max. 14 persons
Price: 295€ / person
Price includes: Guidance, meals (2 x breakfast,2 x  lunch, 3 x dinner), accommodation in double rooms at local hotel or hostel, participation in the rowing event, prize to all rowers, entrance to spa, light insurance (We require participants to have their own insurance for outdoor activities),
Participants have their own sports clothing according to the weather. We rent also high quality clothing if needed. Please ask the further information: info.hikesntrails(a)
Payment: Cash, debit and credit cards, invoice.
Tour level: Intermediate. Swimming skills are required. Moderate physical condition is desirable.
By additional cost: Outdoor guidance services in Kainuu wilderness, Single room + 15€ / night, transport from and to Oulu / Kajaani airport.
Languages: finnish, english, swedish
Contact: info.hikesntrails(at)
More information and pictures of the event from

Welcome to join our rowing team!

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