Thursday, January 31, 2013

Expedition: Culture and trekking in Kamchatka, Russia 25.6 - 9.7.2013

Kamchatka (Kamchatka) was discovered 300 years ago, but both in Russia and in the west there is still very little information about this exotic place. Kamchatka was closed to tourists until the 1990s. Now we have the opportunity to see a part of the mysterious Kamchatka. Geyser Valley, one of the eight wonders of the world is located in Kamchatka as well as volcanoes, unspoiled nature, wildlife and rivers which are full of fish.

Kamchatka is an ideal place for eco-tourism. Five areas of the Kamchatka are in the UNESCO's world heritage list. There are 29 active and 150 extinct volcanoes, 247 mineral springs of which 160 are hot springs, 37 wild animal species and many different types of birds. In the sea you can see walruses, seals and sea otters and in the coast dolphins and milk whales and the magnificent giant whales.

"Bear stock at Kamchatka Peninsula is densest in the world. It has been calculated to be 300 bears per thousand square kilometers, while in Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. is 28 and 1.5 in Finland." (Seppo Lampila: Travel Guide Magazine "Kalassa karhun apajilla" 4/2007.)

Kamchatka has attracted both researchers and tourists. Kamchatka is like a magnet, which has always been drawn to people attracted to, even if the journey to there has lasted a long time and has been particularly challenging. Despite the difficulties, people have wanted to see this mysterious world with their own eyes. Traveling to Kamchatka is easier nowadays to get there and everyone has the opportunity to find a new world - a wilderness which surprises visitors during every season!

Hikes`n Trails and Juri´s Travel organizes a unique trip to Kamchatka 25.6 - 9.7.2013. We travel by foot, by car, by boat and by raft. For more information: info.hikesntrails (at)
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