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Guided Skiing tour in Swedish Lapland

Guided ski touring Saltoluokta - Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lapland 24. - 30.3.2014

Backcountry skiing trip between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk mountain stations is about 70 km long and it is made for more experienced alpine skiers. Route goes in exciting landscapes near by Sarek mountains and angient forests in the eastern part of Sweden.

On the way we pass by a number of breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery and ski on the snow-covered highlands calmly down to the mountain forests and ice covered lakes. We also have the opportunity to take a day tour to the legendary Sarek mountain area.

Although the two day trips on the route are about 20 km in length, the trail is not very difficult. It is suitable to ski from start to finish with good basic health and fitness condition. It should be remembered that the weather conditions can change quickly in mountains from easy to demanding. Equipment list and highlight the importance of the Swedish ski trek to the necessary equipment can be found soon here. Each participant take their own lunch and snack foods, juices and sports drinks in their backbacks.

Swedish Lapland skiing tour is a great way to meet other like-minded people and spend a holiday full of experiences in a beautiful landscape. Safe and well-planned hikes certainly leave the participants a good mood and positive experiences from the Far-reaching resources in everyday life.

Facts of the trip:

  • Location: Kungsleden, Sweden
  • Date: 24.-30.3.2014.
  • Duration of the tour: 7 days, 5 days skiing.
  • Number of participants: Min 4, max 8 people.
  • Level: Intermediate. Participants are required to have a good basic fitness. We carry about 15 kg backpack and / or draw about 20 kg sledges in partly steep hills approx. 5 - 10 hours a day.
  • Accommodation: In mountain lodges
  • Meals: Half board. Breakfast and dinner are included in the price during the trek. Lunch, snacks and meals in the place of departure are not included in the price.
  • The price includes: Guidance, transport from the center of Oulu to Saltoluokta and back, accommodation, as well as the above-mentioned meals during the trek.
  • The price does not include: Transportation to Oulu, lunches, insurance, meals during the bus transportation.
  • Insurance: The participants are responsible for their own travel insurance which is suitable for mountain skiing tour.
  • By an additional cost: Ski Mountain skis, boots and bindings, 60 € / trip, backpack 10 € / trip, sled 30 € / trip, parka and pant in 30 € / trip. Hikes n´Trails trip participants can buy socks, wool underwear and other necessary equipment for a special price from our shop.
  • Price: 870 €
  • Contact: info.hikesntrails(at)

1st day, 24.3.2013
We leave in the morning at 7 am from Oulu bus station from Finland to the northern Sweden. We arrive to Saltoluokta at about 4 pm. After about 3 km skiing from a bus stop to Saltoluokta mountain station we accommodate in nice and cosy rooms in our own sleeping bags. Dinner is served in the restaurant. You can find a little grocery, outdoor store, shop, restaurant and a kitcen in the station..

2nd day , 25.3.2013
Saltoluokta - Sitojaure
We wake up in the morning, pack, enjoy a rich and varied breakfast and start the first day of skiing to Sitojaure hut. Hike begins with a quite steep hill and after three kilometers skiing  we`ll reach the mountain top. The journey continues in a stunning Swedish mountain scenery. After few hours we arrive at the small Sitojaure fell hut. 
Dinner, equipment maintenance and accommodation in bunk beds.
Distance 19 km in about 7 hours. The difference in altitude 390m - 630m.

3rd day, 26.3.2013
Sitojaure - Aktse
After breakfast, we head over Kaskajaure and descend high up to the mountain. We`ll enjoy the breathtaking scenery again during the skiing tour and continue to ancient forests and the varying terrain to Aktse mountain hut. 
Dinner, equipment maintenance and accommodation in hut.
Distance 10 km in about 5 hours. The difference in altitude 630 - 500m

4th day, 27.3.2013
Aktse, landscape skiing day
After a good breakfast we make nice packed lunch and head to a calm trip to the picturesque landscape. We´ll get high on the mountain and to watch the stunning views of Sarek and Rapadalen. We eat lunch and enjoy a hot drink in the mountains, take pictures and descend to Aktse hut for a dinner. 
Accommodation in hut.
Distance about 10 km in about 7 hours. The difference in altitude from 500 to 650m

5th day, 28.3.2013
Aktse - Pårte
After a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast in the morning we wear the ski boots on and start our longest day of the trip from the Lake Laitaure ice. After leavingn the ice we start climbing few kilometers up to the fell. Landscapes pays the price of climbing! The last kilometers to Pårte hut will be easier to ski in the massive pine forest. 
Dinner, equipment maintenance and accommodation in a hut.
Distance about 22 km in about 10 hours, the difference in altitude 500 - 500m

6th day. 29.3.2013
Pårte - Kvikkjokk
Our last but not the least skiig day begins again after a good breakfast and lead us to the old-growth forest across the mountains and towards the end position Kvikkjokk. After gently descend we arrive to the magnificent and historically valuable Kvikkjokk mountain station. After our long distance skiing trip it is wonderful to enjoy a rich selection of services, to wash up and have a tasty dinner in the restaurant and go over the highlights of our tour together around the dinner table.
Distance about of 17 km in about 8 hours in altitude 500 - 320m

7th day, 30.3.2013
Travel towards Oulu begins after breakfast in the restaurant and we are driving safely to the center of Oulu where we say goodbye and the group will continue to home. We hope to see you soon again!

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