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News for summer!

We have planned a lot of new experiences for the next summer. There is a lot of kayaking, hiking, bear watching and of course fat-biking trips coming for the warm summer days and nights. Many international guests have visited us in winter but summer is not so well-known for people from other countries. Saunas, hundred of lakes and super green forests are waiting for people to come and feel the midnight sun! Actually a midnight sun is one of the oldest and most important attractions in Finland. First writings about Finnish Midnight sun are from 16th century. Then there was few first tourists coming to Lapland to wonder about this extraordinary and colorful nature spectacle. It is more than usual that we take our friends for a kayaking tour and same time to celebrate the midsummer festival with tens or hundreds of people gathered around the flaming midsummer fires. This is the Finnish way to celebrate summer and thank the nature for waking up and starting to grow new li

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